Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Will You Serve?

While working in the library, I came across some books that had me questioning who people are serving or believing in. Therefore, I will do the research in May (or late April) and read these books. I will work on a new book entitled, "Who Will You Serve?" that would be like a part 2 to "Desire at Will". There are too many world religions but will focus on the ones I see people involved in and some that are not discussed in my "Unleashing the Spirit" Volumes. Keep me in prayer.

I am also thinking in May on Dream4More Radio to do a literary moment: religion and spirituality (books we read and believe or trust in).

These are some of them discussed:
--pagan today
--New Thought (even with African Americans)
--New Age Spirituality

(also will look at African beliefs including Hoodoo and Voodoo with Catholic religious beliefs; Native American/nature; and more).

Share your thoughts. I have the intro already written while working today! God is good....

Dream 4 More,

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