Friday, March 26, 2010


Dream4More Radio will make its 6-month mark on May 1, 2010. We will start doing 2 shows instead of 4-5 shows a month. We are on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

Previously, we were on 4 shows a month (every Sunday):
*Dream 4 More Now (1st week)
*Dream Reviews (2nd week) --removed this show
*Literary Moments : panel discussions (3rd week)
*Dream Interviews with Dream Authors (4th week)

We will ask those who have listened to the previous programs to tell us which shows you enjoyed and why.

We are looking at continuing:
*Dream4More Now (speak about literary news, dream reviews/BOM, words of wisdom, and more; special showcases)
*Literary Moments (panel discussions) or Dream Interviews w/Dream Authors (2 authors per showcase)

You can email your comments via BlogTalkRadio ( or

We have scheduled:
*March 28th, Sunday, 5pm-6pm CST: Iris Celeste (Christian Fiction) and Niobia Bryant (Urban Fiction)
*April 11th: Dream Your Reality Club (talk about how readers and writers can unite; panel discussion to see what readers are reading and writings are writers)
*Literary Moments: Royalties, Scams, Consignments, Bookstores (lets talk about it!)--
*Dream Interviews w/Dream Authors: Cherilyn Vonn and Vanessa Miller

Lastly, we are seeking co-hosts (1-2). We ask you to have an account with BTR, interact in the chat room, and to assist with switchboard duties...research and questions for interviews or topics at hand. Familiarity with literary market and authors. Great personality for radio. Public Speaking and interact w/ guests during the shows. Ideas are welcomed. Commitment to come on shows at least 5 minutes early and sometimes required to start the shows or program. Serious inquiries only. Email us at We would like a short bio (5 sentences or less), why are you interested, and BTR page. Please include your phone number and/or email to contact you.

Dream 4 More Now,

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