Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dream 4 More Radio: Genre-Based Show with Authors!

4/10/10: Urban Fiction/Contemporary Authors
1. Mary Wilson "Ghetto Luv" and "Still Ghetto"
2.Jay Francis "Metra City: Destiny's Kiss"
3. N.S. Ugezene "Shaun Pascal"

4/17/10: Romance Authors
1. Ann Clay "A Love for All Times"
2. DV Hent "If You Don't Tell"
3. Desiree Day "Spiritual Seduction"

5/8/10: Nonfiction/Memoirs Authors
1. Sharon Ellis "Seeing the Liberty" (TBA)
2. Carletta Washing "A Mother's Reflection"
3. Vanessa Richardson "The Certain Ones"

5/22/10: Inspirational (nonfiction and fiction)/Christian Fiction
1. Jackie Moore "Serving Justice" Christian Fiction
2. Vanessa Richardson "Love Found Me"
3. Brian Ganges (Gan-gees) "Piecing the Puzzle Together"

5/29/10: Youth Adult Authors
1. Dream Summore "Mirror, Beware!" YA/Inspirational Drama
2. Edward Booker "Caught in the Net"
3. Lydia Douglas "Reading Higher Heights"

6/28/10: Science Fiction/Literary Fiction Authors
1. Stanley Pitchford "Destruction Via the Mirror"
2. Open
3. Open

*We hope to have future dates in other genres in July-September 2010. Let us know what genre(s) you would like to see coming soon! Email us at If you want to fill a spot, email us quickly. This is on the 2010 nominated literary talk show: Adrienna Turner Show on BTR:

Time to be announced. We are looking at 9pm CST. Keep you posted.

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