Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Review: Joy E. Turner

Content...Right Where I Am

There are so many people that are goal-driven, but not purpose-driven. We strategically and effectively plan our days to tailor to our own selfish needs and wants.

In Joy E. Turner's book, Content...Right Where I Am, gives enriching stories and real-life experiences to see how we can be content where we are. However, we should not be content with who we are, until we uncover what God's will is for our lives. Moreover, we have the right to be content or discontent with our current circumstances, or to take the responsibility to pray (or call on God) to God to see our situation change.

Joy explains the meaning of "faith." Her terminology of faith is beyond measure, where she gives an equation of faith equates to belief (trust in God) and add action (our obedience). Then, she tells us the acronym of JOY, is Jesus--Others--You. Her lovely name meaning these things, is the order of things, we are to abide in God's perfect plan to discover contentment. This is a must-read when you are not content in your situation right now!

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna "Dream Reviewer" Turner, 4 stars, Sweet Dreams!

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