Monday, October 5, 2009

Are You Ready?

God is working something good in you! Let it shine for the world to see. Are you ready for what God has to offer? Are you still sitting around, waiting for God to bring and deliver your blessings directly to you? Faith is dead without works...are you doing what God has put in your spirit. We can believe and trust, but sitting around does nothing if we are not putting effort in the purpose God put in you.

My spiritual coach, Jaime Rohadfox, wrote a e-book called "You Need A Coach, Not A Couch." You can find out more details at her site:

I am also doing what God has put in my spirit. To go out on faith and start a literary consulting firm for new and aspiring authors called Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm (March 2009) and co-hosting a new showcase at starting in November 2009. I am also writing books that God has birthed in me, and some of my fiction projects are on hold, to write nonfiction.

The Day Begins with Christ
Desire At Will (December 2009)
Unleashing the Spirit
God is in the Equation (working on it now)
Counsel Me Lord to be a Vessel For Christ (working on soon)
The Fruits of My Labor (with co-authors in the future)
Inspirational Fiction Series: Miss the Mark

Now, I am back into an inspirational play called "Are you Ready?" to get back into my acting and memorizing lines! What are you doing that God has placed in your spirit? Are you Ready for what God has called you to do?

Dream Yours,
Adrienna Turner

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