Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Your Books in the Bookstore and More

Get your books in Bookstores and More:

There are authors, who are self-published, independent, or traditional published are eager to see their books in the bookstores and mega stores such as Wal-Mart. Some will search the answers to place their books in local bookstores, contact the book owners via phone, in person, and/or email to see how they can get their book shelved in their stores. Others will rely on the traditional publishers to do all the legwork for marketing, distribution, and housing their books in the bookstores locally and/or globally.

We have to establish their budgetary parameters. This is where most book stores have consignments for authors to sign. They are considered about their budgets and other expenses to shelf your book. Most consignments are 60/40, meaning that the author receives only 60% of book sales and the seller receives 40% of the book sales. There are some who will only ask for 20% and the author will receive 80%. Therefore, you are offering a cut of the sales to the bookseller or bookstore owner to carry your books that you supply. You will sign one-sheet paperwork to agree to these terms. If you sell all your copies, they will contact you directly to get more books from you based on supply-demand. You are responsible to pick up your books that did not sell. You will receive a copy of the terms. Most of these local books stores are willing to take in local authors books.

However, some authors prefer to sell their books on their own for 100% of sales. What happens to availability for customers to get your books? It is best to have your books available at other venues, vendors, and online retailers. Most people are looking at online retailers such as Amazon that takes 60-70% of royalties (or book sales percentage as the author receives the remaining amount). For example, if a book costs $15.00, then Amazon or some book retailers will get $9.00 and the author will receive $6.00. You have to take in value the costs of the books you bought too. Some self-published authors will be charged as much as $10.00 per copy of retail priced book of $15.00. You are discounted at 20-60% off the retail price. Exception of Amazon and online retailers, in owned or small book store businesses, they will hold your book at least six months to two years and will return to you if you do not sell a copy within this time span.

We also can make deals with book marketers, who will promote and sell your books. They normally will charge a monthly or yearly fee to promote your books. Are you comfortable with paying upfront costs and then selling them discounted books? Do your homework and research by checking BBB (Better Business Bureau), how long have they been in business, what type of business, and how they will benefit you. I have seen Black Shopping Network and other online marketers to sell your product and books. Are you willing to pay the cost to be the boss? What is your benefit? Is it primarily for book sales or for your potential buyers to have other resources to buy your products such as your books?

Be careful of scams, because you want your dream to be a reality. If it sounds too good to be true, it is not good. If they charge you annual fees, and want to buy your books at 60% off, and will only send you a payment after the books are mailed to them, who wins here? It is not guaranteed you will receive a check after mailing the books to them, which you are also responsible for shipping and handling. Is it worth the 40% of your book retail prices, and not guaranteed your check in the mail after shipping books to a business or person that just started an outlet to help authors (as they say).

We have to develop a clear vision, which is our mission statement. We need a clear idea or statement of your budgeting or marketing goals. You have to define your niche within a competitive marketplace, or your target audience and population that you are catering your book(s) to. More importantly, you have to define your market and who your potential buyers are. You have to set a guideline, time line, or commitment to your goals. In addition, most traditional publishers will allow the author to get 40-60% discounted from the retail price to have their book available for customer sells, book events, and seminars/conferences.

Credits: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Cultural Connection, Reader's Choice, Woodland Book Store, and Author's insight and perspective when working with these businesses to sell books.

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