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Twisted Seduction by N'Tyse (Adrienna Reviews)

Twisted Seduction: A NovelTwisted Seduction: A Novel by N'tyse
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While reading Twisted Seduction, I was waiting for the twists with a taste of seduction. N’Tyse does tip over the scale of the erotic-ness and seduction of luring married couples sleeping with the opposite sex. Married Denise Jackson sleeps with married Greg Adams, with the expectation of things going further but surprisingly, he lets her know clearly it is just an affair and nothing more. Denise, best friend, Nadine after three years of sexually admiring her husband, Jeff, finally gets him between those legs. Pregnancy happens unexpectedly, seeing other options outside of an abortion to adoption, but what do women expect who have sex without always staying protected. Denise plans all backfire—divorce, sexual affair goes no further than what meets between her thighs, lies comes to the light about her daughter, and best friend Nadine ends. While reading towards the end of the novel, not sure whether to smack Denise for her foolish mindset or laugh at her for her credulous behavior regardless of her intellectual mindset as a business woman.

As for Jeff Jackson, after a failed marriage and results of paternity test, he went haywire and so does his sexual appetite to the gentleman’s night club. What a place to drown his sorrows and meet his fleshly needs. I wait to see what comes of his life after divorce, and not being the father—shutting his dreams down the drain. Sadly, the part tore to my heart was when he had to downsize employees to prevent bankruptcy for the company he managed and firing special people in the department. I truly know the reality of being downsized and even unemployment for periods of time.

What does it take you to go through to wake up to reality? The ending of the novel, let’s see how some realities give us that “wake-up call” to see it all.

I received a copy from the publisher/publicist of Simon and Schuster for a review.

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