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Friendship Breaks Barriers by R. Oliver and Lakiesha Oliver

Friendship Breaks BarriersFriendship Breaks Barriers by R. Jenkins-Oliver
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title of book: Friendship Breaks Barriers
Author’s name: R. Jenkins-Oliver with Lakiesha Oliver
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Release date (or anticipated release): 3/16/2012
ISBN: 978 161863 160-2
ASIN (if applicable): Boo7szgza0
Specs: 24 pages 8x 11 paperback
Category: Children Picture Book
Website (optional): http://hstrial-rjenkinsoliver.homeste...

Review Summary:
This is a tale about Sidney and her pet cat, Toby. Toby came from a litter of 5, but was overjoyed to be in the cuddly arms of its owner, Sidney. Toby shares his adventures outdoors, at the vet, and at home playing with his toys. Once Toby had his own screen room, he was meeting all types of animals at the screen door—new friends. Later, wondered what happened to his new friends around the way—animal control on patrol. As a cat owner, this story was enjoyable and relatable.

Dream Moment: The humorous part of the story is where Sidney tried to take Toby for a walk on a leash.

Dream 4 More: At the end of the children picture book is an unscramble game of words. Can you see (or figure out) the words? Then you take the picture words next to the actual picture of the animals as a learning/teaching tool for kids 4-9 years old. Lastly, draw your favorite pet/animal on the last page.

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