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When Rain Falls by Tyora Moody

When Rain FallsWhen Rain Falls by Tyora Moody

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Rain Falls draws you in with the prologue, so bold, fierce and suspenseful bit to chew. You are left wondering who is the 12 year old girl and why she's in the cop car crying out to her Mama.

Candace Johnson is a widow. Detective Frank Johnson was her protector and hero even when she still feared her childhood bogeyman. The man on the chase of a sudden murder and may be connected to her husband's two-year ago death, Detective Darnell Jackson divorced, dog owner, and loves his job but hates the stress of the job itself. Detective Steven Brunson, former partner of Frank Johnson, hardly works on the case with Det. Jackson. He's a hardball that seems like a know-it-all.

The story denotes that the recent murder of a prominent defense lawyer, Pamela Coleman, (daughter of Judge Bill Coleman--well-known judge with prestige in the community) is a crime of passion. Still waiting to see how the loose ends tie together and connect the dots. I have some primary suspects on my list aside from what is justified in the novel. I still love to see how this crime of passion plays out also the prologue.

Dream moment in the book on page 204, where it discussed that Candace accepted Christ at an early age of life but her faith was shaky at times yet she retained and remained at the very foundation of her salvation. We are saved by faith through the grace of God, and we all tumble and stumble in our walk as believers based on the hardships, grief, and other distractions that come in our way to get us off-course but we do not have to stay there!

Tyora Moody is a blessed talent who spurred a Christian Romance Suspense novel and now has a devoted fan to read/review the Victory Gospel Series. Her writing style is superb, splendid, and takes the reader on a spectacular journey to see what is unleashed.

*I received an advanced readers copy from the author for book review (October 2011).

Adrienna Turner, author of "God is in the Equation" and "The Day Begins with Christ"

*If I could give a 10, I would!

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