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June Reviews 2010

Help my Marriage: We Need It! Taking Your Marriage to Another Dimension. 2009. MCByrd Ministries Publishing. 112 pages.

Pastors Carolyn and Michael Byrd have written a book to target those who are considering marriage to learn the ins and outs of such a commitment, and those who are in an unhappy, unhealthy marriage that are seeking help before its too late.

As a single woman with plans for marriage, I see concepts and scenarios from the Bible that gives a brief explanation on a covenant vs. contract of a marriage. However, what sticks in my memory is how Boaz viewed Ruth--he did not focus on her beauty or what she'd offered but her commitment and covenant alongside with Naomi after the lost of their husbands. She could have ran off and found a new husband, but everything was lined up in God's timing.

These God-given words is not preachy but teaching applications where one can obtain the true significance of marriage as God views it (covenant). I took my time with this book and saturated every word and embraced every concept to see marriage for what God intended it to be--more than a wedding ceremony and ring. I thank God for this married couple and pastors for writing such a book for our day!

"When the Word and the Spirit unite together, it is the full manifestation of the power of God (p.98)."

Dream 4 More Reviewer,
Adrienna Turner
5 stars, Wooed Us Dream.

An Addict's Tale by Carlus Wilmot. 2006. 180 pages. Publish America.

Not quite sure how to contact this author but he mailed his book for potential interview (local author, Milwaukee, WI). One copy was sent, usually for interview. However, I will write a brief review.

An Addict's Tale is a collection of poems that has several sections from love and relationships, humor, Voices of Edgar Allan Poe, Dreams and Inspirational, and his own insight/life.

In the beginning section, there were many poems that relates to one's undying love for those he had relations with, family, and other sensual experiences were exposed. The title alone fooled me in believing it was about drug addiction but instead it dealt with addiction of one's genuine love.

The voice of Edgar Allan Poe, short and sweet poems but least interested in out of the entire book.

An Addict's Tale section shows the author's story in lyrical or poetic format from age 1-24 and exploring relationships, clubs, and drinking/drugs during this time span of his life.

Humor section, a majority of the poems I did not find humorous but surreal.

Dreams and Inspirational, most of these poems I did not see as inspirational except for two. I enjoyed "While in This Life" speaks on a greed, how it affects people, and can't undo unless you learn from your past mistakes and willing to allow healing to take place by turning to God. This is where you can find true repentance and live! A similar poem is "I Used To" that I loved the most out of all the poems in the book because is speaks on hopelessness, where life has no meaning but the formula is to trust in God with all we got (heart, soul, mind, and body). We are to look in the mirror, which is a reflection of you! What do you see? How can you change? Who do you love and believe in?

"A Desire to Sin", we desire to sin but only God can forgive us and change our perspective on our actions to become holy if you allow Him in.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
What a Dream! 3 stars.

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