Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dream 4 More News

We are in the process of seeking new reviewers. Sadly, we have lost our current reviewers who have been with us since August/September 2009. Therefore, once again, Adrienna Turner is the only reviewer at this time.

We have currently for June posted: "Help My Marriage, We Need It" by Pastors Carolyn and Michael Byd.

These books we have to review:

"Metra City: Destiny's Kiss" by Jaree Francis
"It Ain't Just the Size" by M.G. Hardie
"Appetizer When You're Not His Main Course" by Ni'Cola
"Piecing the Puzzle Together" by Brian Ganges
"If You Don't Tell" by D.V. Hent

Reading books to interview future author appearances on Adrienna Turner or Dream4More Radio showcases:

"This Ain't No Hearts and Flowers Love Story Part 2" Brooklyn Darkchild
"The Curly Headed Brother" poetry by E. Rupert
"Is There a Samson in You?" by H. Ronald Roseboro--set in August thru TyWebbin
"Once Life Matters" by Marty Angelo

Contest Win: Let's Go! by Shalonda "Treasure" Williams

*Will see a brief review only on (Dream4More Book Review) page.

Checked PO BOX today, no books. Thank goodness. We are still waiting for "Forgiven" by Vanessa Miller to interview her on July 10th, Saturday, 9pm CST. And we'll also talk about "Yesterdays Promise".

Dream 4 More,

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