Sunday, December 20, 2009

Win a Future Copy of God is in the Equation

Answer these seven question and bonus is optional to be qualified for winning a copy of "God is in the Equation" in hopes to be released in Fall/Winter of 2010. I am currently finishing up the nonfiction book and seeking a publisher. If you know of any publishers to submit for a nonfiction/spiritual book, I am open to suggestion to be emailed to After answering the seven questions, please include your name and email to contact you directly if you are a chosen winner by May 2010.

Bonus: What does "God in the Equation" means to you?

1. Preparation: What are you doing to prepare for God's purpose?
2. Study: What concepts or strategies are you doing to achieve your goals to meet God's plan? Faith + Focus= Achieved Results
3. Adding: Who are you adding in your network or circle of friends--these divine connections to achieve God's ultimate purpose?
4. Subtracting: What are some things you have to eradicate, remove, or omit from your life to remain on God's mission for your life?
5. Multiply: What does "expand" or "multiply" your territory means to you? God said, "to multiply and be fruitful".
6. Division: There are tests, obstacles, and distractions put in your path to get you off-course. Name some of these distractions or things to divide us from the path God has set for us.
7. Equation: What is in your equation?

The three contestants who are chosen by May 1, 2010 will receive an email confirmation, will have a chance for their quotes to be posted in the upcoming novel with permission (and name will be added to the book), and receive a copy once the book has been published and released to the winners.

Is God in your equation?

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