Monday, December 28, 2009

Deondriea Cantrice Review

Rhythm Can't Keep Time: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough. Deondriea Cantrice. GSH Publishing. $15.00 (U.S.)/$20.00 (Canada). Rating: 5. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us.

It is funny how time flies when your having fun, as we get inside the emotions of Sheridyn while she is getting-to-know Sterling. Besides the maybe-lies and drunk dates, Sheridyn has a sexual attraction for a fine black brother--Sterling. She is also getting over a first love, Rod, and wonder if Sterling is the real-deal, lovy-dovy, or just a rebound.

We see many women that are in-and-out of relationships. Deondriea weaved a relationship rendezvous until love finds you. It may not be the person you spent the most time with and with the hopes of being the one. There are some underlining subliminal messages too. This is not your ordinary romance book, it takes you into the mindset (or emotions) of most relationships today in a fiction-story piece.

I love these poetic lines from the book, "People can only love to the capacity at which they know, understand, or experience. Love is not a scale of orgasmic screams. Distinct rhythm, but there are only so many beats to a measure. Melodies are heartfelt and reach the soul, but every song has a timeless rhythm. Dance partners change as dances fade away because partners aren't promised, but the cadence of true love last forever." How deep is your love?

*This is the second publication under GSH Publishing. First publication was reviewed by Dream 4 More Reviews in Sept. 2009 under Outskirts Publishing.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

*This is the opinion of the reviewer, does not relate to the views or opinions of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The book was received by the author to give a book review free of charge.

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