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Out of the Shadow of Poverty by Ruth Jenkins- Oliver and Lakeisha Oliver

Out of the Shadow of Poverty: Living the American Dream Through FaithOut of the Shadow of Poverty: Living the American Dream Through Faith by R. Jenkins-Oliver
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Title: Out of the Shadow of Poverty: Living the American Dream through Faith
Author: Ruth Jenkins-Oliver and Lakeisha Oliver
Publisher: Avid Readers Publishing Group
Release date (or anticipated release): 2/28/2012
ISBN: 978-1-61286-083-1
Specs: 230 paperback
Website (optional): http://hstrial-rjenkinsoliver.homeste...
Category: Memoir*

Review Summary:
Ruth Oliver with co-author, Lakeisha Oliver writes about Rudy, an African-American girl, living a poverty-stricken community in McIntosh County, Georgia during the 1950s. It also captures the historical Geechee and Gullah communities in South Georgia, from slavery times, where people believed in their roots and faith in God. Throughout all the hardships, living on a farm, and going through the motions, Rudy still keeps her faith and grew up in a loving family environment regardless of the challenges she had to face.

Dream Moment(s): I loved to see how family lived nearby on the several acres of land that was passed down a generation and always sharing their food. I would love to see families like this, not tit for tat, or only care about them and forget their families when one is in need. There was also a part in the story that discussed bullying and how Rudy and Addie later became friends because Rudy fought back. “Don’t ever close your hands too tight because if you do, nothing will come back to you” (page 105). I always heard a similar phrase, “Closed fists don’t get fed.”

Nightmare(s): There were a few minor grammatical and punctuation errors while reading the book but should not deter you from the actual story. The flow of the storyline was a little bothersome in the first chapter (Eulonia) because it was rather confusing at times when it jumps from scenes of the character’s life without a break to see the transition. Although there were two editors mentioned, a good developmental editor would have helped with the transitions and flow of the story itself and lastly a proofreader to catch these minor errors.

Dream 4 More: Since this story takes place in the 1950s and in the South, I was glad on some terms, the author gave clarification by defining the words and offered a glossary (but most of the Southern dialect, I was quite familiar with it). Ironically, I enjoyed learning about the natural herbs and remedies to cure or alleviate pain, rashes, and illnesses mentioned in the story. There were some moments of inspiration, historical memorable people, and tragic events during the 1960s.

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