Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ann M. Hampton's What My Heart Desires (Book Review)

What My Heart DesiresWhat My Heart Desires by Ann M Hampton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ann Hampton’s first novel, “What my Heart Desires” opens up with Tracy Moore who has a whirlwind relationship with a married man to a widowed man. She first chooses the married man to meet her sexual desires. Tracy confuses sex for love, which many women do. When Troy, Richard’s best friend, steps into the picture, she can’t see what’s good for her, only what’s good for the moment. Eventually, Tracy wakes up and discovers what true love is.

Overall, this fiction novel is short, learn about the importance of relationships, and “jealous love” is not real love. This book covers deceit, lies, and betrayal among the parties involved and we have to be careful who we choose to love and what are their alternative motives. There are important life lessons on “respect” and “love” that should be reciprocal of what you have to offer in relationships. In addition, the author shows us that women love or fall too easily for the men they are sexing. With some sexual addictions, there can be a craved-raged pervert lurking among us once we are no longer involved with them.

*There were minor typographical and editing issues noticed in the novel but should not deter you from the actual lessons demonstrated in the book.

Dream 4 More Reviews received a copy of "What my Heart Desires" from the author for a review.

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