Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We are adding a review segment for Book Promos and Interviews now. We will post your book reviews on our Blog; Goodreads (Adrienna Turner); star-value and BTR interview mark on Dream 4 More Reviews on Goodreads; our radio show page on Facebook (Adrienna Turner Show or Dream 4 More Radio); and/or inspirational magazine: Promoting Purpose under Lady V Reviews. See what we can do for you!

You can review details and pay on Dream Interviews Page.

We are also adding announcements for your events, businesses, and more on there too! They can find out about you on our networks and radio shows for a very low price. What are you waiting for!

Book Promos is not just for more exposure after reviews, it is also to know about your latest books or upcoming books. Let's do the work for you. Free announcement too. Send your photo of book or picture of you, short bio and synopsis of book if applicable, and website to purchase your books. We will read it on our commercial breaks. You can also pay for commerical/announcements only.

You can even send your own MP3s, but has to say on the commercial/announcement: "You heard it here on [name of the radio show] (Dream 4 More Radio or Adrienna Turner Show) with your host with the most: Adrienna (ah-dree-na) Turner."

Send to either Adrienna Turner Show (

or Dream 4 More Radio (

Dream 4 More Now,

Adrienna Turner!

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