Saturday, July 17, 2010

BTR Interview w/ Janese Dixon's book: Black Diamond

Black Diamond by Ja'Nese Dixon. Nia ePublishing. 2010. Dream4More Rating: Sweet Dreams. 4 stars.

Ja'Nese Dixon's debut book is a romantic suspense and even saw it to be as a legal thriller. Camille takes us on a wild-goose chase to unlock the secrets and illegal acts, even murder, when taking on the case on international diamond trading. Ja'Nese pace can be slow in the beginning to be connected to the characters, breath-taking in the middle to end of the book, but you definitely want to finish until the very last sentence on the page. She keeps you intrigued to the very last part of the story--which reminds me of a thriller seen on TV with a happy ending and glimpse of the terror in the midst. Will there be a sequel?

Moreover, I like the valid points discussed in the book such as 'male bashing'; sibling rivalry between Camille and her brother that can play an important role in her FBI training and running this case solo in a setting with primarily male co-workers; black woman portraying a significant role in the corporate world; and able to detach her feelings to complete the case...and to fall in love and have a family of her own.

Dream 4 More Review,
Adrienna Turner

Listen to the archives when she appeared on the Adrienna Turner Show:

*The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the opinions of Dream4More Firm. We received a copy of the book by the author for a book review and interview on our BTR showcase.

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