Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dream 4 More Now

There are so many new authors and writers springing up in the literary market, where it is a time to spread your wings and fly. Yet, some are afraid to take the first step and jump out of the nest.

Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm is a new literary consulting firm to help new and aspiring authors to spread their wings and make their dreams a reality! We have teamed up with Christian Fiction Author, Shelia E. Lipsey, who has an organization called "Living Your Dreams Now" to start our new online radio showcase called Dream 4 More. We also have other new authors, guest speakers, and motivational spiritual coaches to shine in the literary world...and help you step into a new market of media.

We are starting a new showcase called Dream 4 More on BlogTalkRadio (BTR), November 1, 2009 at www.blogtalkradio.com/Dream4More and call in number is 347-989-0702!

Our show line up:
Dream 4 More Now
Dream Reviews (Book Reviews and Book of the Month)
Literary Moments (Panel Discussions), News, and Dream Authors
Dream Interviews w/ Dream Authors

*Word of Wisdom and other special guests and commercial breaks brought you by Dream 4 More.

Visit our site to find out how you can be a featured guest co-host or Dream Author at www.dreams4more.com (click on Submission Guidelines and Dream Services).

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